May 12

Teaching Artists


Susan Natacha Gonzalez

Susan Natacha Gonzalez is an artist, teaching artist and art therapist with 15 years of experience. She has extensive experience in research in special education and has carried out her multi-modal practice in variety of settings. Susan Natacha is a board certified and registered art therapist. She has degrees in Art, Psychology, Art Therapy and Education. She has also augmented her art studies in the US with studies at the University of Salamanca in Spain and the Lorenzo Di Medici Institute for Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Susan Natacha has presented the topic of art, education, creativity, art therapy, child development and urban poverty in a variety of conferences, on the radio and has responded to interviews for several publications nationally and abroad.

As an artist Susan Natacha utilizes various media and concepts to explore and further understand creative processes and change. She deems the practice of art as an opportunity for the development, understanding and fostering of relationships with other individuals in accordance to space at any given time. She believes we are not isolated in our creative development, growth and process – we are a collective within and out of our bodies.