May 12

Teaching Artists


Nancy Volante

Nancy Volante received an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College in Vermont. Her concentration of study and expertise is in theatre, dance, writing and video. Nancy has been teaching in New York City, Los Angeles and Boston for twenty years. She works in many different communities throughout New York City, cultivating and co-founding programs in public schools. Nancy has extensive experience in facilitating professional development for teachers, administrators, and teaching artists, with a particular focus on the arts in special education. She also creates arts curriculum for special education populations in Manhattan New Music Project’s CASTA and EASE programs. As a teaching artist, Nancy leads theater, writing and movement residencies for students of all ages.

Nancy’s creative practice is community-based and uses the artistic disciplines of theatre, dance, writing and video interchangeably. She is currently working on a video and writing essays about living, teaching and connecting in a grandiose society.