May 12

Teaching Artists


Andrew Drury

Andrew Drury has been described as “a thoughtfully avant-garde drummer and composer” (New York Times) and “(an) outstanding jazz and experimental percussionist…” (Time Out New York) Andrew Drury works internationally in the areas of jazz and free improvisation. A student of the legendary drummer Ed Blackwell, Drury has appeared on over 20 CDs and worked with artists such as Jason Kao Hwang, Myra Melford, Chris Speed, and Steve Swell, among others. Drury’s workshops give students access to the vitality and tradition of his artistic milieu emphasizing African-diasporic drumming. To date he has led nearly 1,000 workshops and trainings for music teachers, graduate students at the Columbia University School of Social Work, homeless people, music students in Sarajevo, Native American populations, young people in remote areas of Nicaragua and Guatemala, and students of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. In 2000 the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation identified him as “one of the…most skilled and experienced community artists in America.”
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