May 12

Teaching Artists


Daniel Heffernan

Daniel Heffernan is a visual and theater artist whose paintings and videos have been internationally exhibited. Since 1992, Daniel has served as a faculty member for the Institute of Arts and Humanities of New Jersey. In this capacity, he has co-directed and designed performance productions for teen-age artists in which students created multi-media performance works that tour throughout the north east. Tour locations include: Fringe Festivals of New York and Philadelphia, the Kennedy Center in D.C., Young Peoples Theatre in Toronto, and Articule in Montreal, Quebec. Disciplines included theatre, movement, visual arts, video art, and music. He has also worked as an educational consultant most notably with the Galef Institute, an arts-oriented school reform organization based in Los Angeles, California. Daniel holds a Master of Fine Arts from New York University as well as Bachelor degree in International Relations from the University of Illinois at Champagne, Urbana. This spring, Daniel was invited to be a resident artist at the Jentel Foundation where he spent four weeks concentrating on his individual work. Daniel currently lives and works in New York City.