May 12

Teaching Artists


John Bellia

John Bellia, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and schooled in Brooklyn elementary schools, studied Harmony and Composition at the “Buenos Aires Conservatory of Music”, and with private music tutors. He started his musical career by writing songs and performing at the age of 16 when he recorded his first record single. From then on, his participation in the Buenos Aires music scene has been prolific. He’s composed, arranged, and produced for the biggest names in Argentinean popular music, and performed for years as a solo artist as well as in bands. Since 1986, Mr. Bellia has composed music internationally for TV, radio, advertising agencies, and original music for theater, writing the score for several plays at the most important theater house in Buenos Aires: ‘Teatro Municipal Gral. San Martin’. In 1995 he composed, arrangements, and co-produced an MTV Unplugged for one of Argentina’s biggest rock stars. That same year he composed and produced music and songs for a children’s TV show, ‘Tardes de Sol’, receiving an award for ‘Best Children’s CD’ by A.C.E. (Association of Show Business Critics of Argentina). This led him to be commissioned by the Government of Buenos Aires to compose a Hymn, ‘Este Es El Lugar’, for the city’s public kindergartens. Today, ‘Este Es El Lugar’ is sung in Buenos Aires schools at every official act by students, teachers and parents. In virtue of his extensive and prestigious career, John Bellia has been praised by the American Federation of Musicians of the US and Canada, and has been granted an O-1 visa, reserved for outstanding artists, by the US Government. He is currently a US resident. For many years, John Bellia has taught music, directed choirs. and conducted music workshops in Elementary, Middle and High Schools; coached top recording artists (Sony Music, EMI); gave seminars and clinics on MIDI, Sampling, Sound Editing, and Modern Recording Techniques for popular music, cinema and commercials; and tutored private students.

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