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The Emancipation of Re:Sonance – Five Austrian Masters Revisited

Gene Pritsker & The International Street Cannibals | The Mozart Influence

January 3, 2012 @ 7:30 PM

Austrian Cultural Forum New York
11 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022

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Arrangements and reconstructions of Mozart’s compositions by Gene Pritsker, Dan Barrett, Dan Cooper, Patrick Grant, John Clark and Milica Paranosic will be performed, as well as pieces by composers of various periods, who were directly influenced by Mozart.

The concert will also feature performances of several newly commissioned pieces, that were directly inspired by Mozart’s work. The evening will be further enlivened and informed by readings of Mozart’s letters and impressions by his contemporaries, as well as by videos and pre-recorded sounds.

This concert is part of a new series presented by the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Manhattan New Music Project: “The Emancipation of Re:Sonance – Five Austrian Masters Revisited”, which focuses on five of Austria’s most famous composers and the re-interpretation, re-imagination, and re-arrangement of some of their greatest works. The title of the series plays on Arnold Schönberg’s concept of the “Emancipation of Dissonance”.

Other events in the series will include performances by Sarah Weaver, Fieldwork, Peter Evans and the Wet Ink Ensemble, and Franz Hackl.

About the Artists:
The International Street Cannibals (I.S.C.) are a collective of instrumentalists and singers, composers, videographers, dancers, puppeteers, and visual artists working under the direction of Dan Barrett, Gene Pritsker and Dan Cooper. The Cannibals give much emphasis to presenting newly composed works, and part of the function of the group is to present those composers whose influences and philosophy are rich and various.

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